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How to Detox your Body & Reset your Immune System

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

My 3-Tier guide to cleansing your entire body effectively and properly

On a new healthy diet but you don't see much results? Drinking alkaline water however your PH is still high? When was the last time you detoxed your entire body?

If you ever heard the saying "What doesn't taste good is probably good for you" It's true! My grandmother would tell me this all the time seconds before watching me wash down a questionable concoction she whipped up in our kitchen. These concoctions didn't taste like the best however it flushed out my system enough that prescribed creams I used to treat my childhood eczema began working.

When it comes down to detoxing your body it needs to be done holistically. By this I mean you can't just detox the outside of your body and not the inside and vice versa. When you address all aspects of detox you are allowing your immune system to reset and reboot your liver, kidneys, and gut. Think of a detox as repainting a room in your home. You wouldn't paint your room without removing dust, washing the walls, and removing unnecessary furniture. The same goes for detoxing. Detoxing doesn't have to be as painstaking as it was years ago, so today, I'm going to tell you step by step how to do it so your diet, vitamins, and natural medicine are more effective.

Why is detoxing your entire body important?

After some time we get an unhealthy buildup of toxins in our body, and it’s not pretty. These excess toxins will cause physical and mental health issues like chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and diseases. In some cases, because of the build-up of these toxins, natural medicines can't do their job. Think of your body as a washing machine and when it's time to add detergent and fabric softener the liquids aren't fully entering the machine because of years of buildup in the drain.

Many of these toxins come from things you use or consume every day like food, beauty products, and the environment. harsh pollutants and harmful pesticides in our environment that should not stay in your body. Since our body organs work together to help eliminate these trapped toxins, it’s important that they’re all healthy and in working order. The liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, skin, and lymphatic system are especially useful and important when it comes to cleansing the body.

What are the benefits of detoxing the body?

Mental Health: Often we may think that our physical and mental health are divergent however several studies have demonstrated that physical and mental health impact one another and cant be separated. The effects of stress are often manifested in symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, lack of sleep may result in anxiety. Anxiety can lead to changes in our diet, which may result in weight gain or loss.

When our appearance starts to change then we can feel indifferent about ourselves causing our self-esteem to shift which can then lead to depression. Stress also creates inflammation and metabolic byproducts that cannot be easily excreted, which is why my childhood eczema took 12 years to clear up. It all becomes a vicious cycle that all stems from being unhealthy.

Trauma is stored in the body and detoxing is a form of cleansing and purification and it involves the transformation and elimination of bodily waste. When we detox, we eliminate bodily waste toxins that impair physical organ function and affect mental well-being and cognitive function.

Immune System: Super simple, when you flood your body with nutrients, you are at less risk of getting sick. Keeping your immune system at peak performance allows our quality of life to increase and keeps those sick days at bay.

Energy Levels: If you’re feeling tired or you’re experiencing frequent headaches, chances are your diet is to blame. By consuming more plants, we can experience an increase in energy levels, which motivates us to enjoy more physical activity. Exercise is a key component of a healthy lifestyle and has always been encouraged by physicians and nutritionists alike. By resetting our eating habits, we reset our motivation for physical activity too.

Physical Appearance: If you're suffering hair loss, dark circles under your eyes, breakouts, bloated stomach, dull and dry skin, it can be time for a detox. Detoxing will help hair growth oils and natural medicines work because the body is free of toxins and nutrients can be absorbed quicker and easier.

How Do I Start My Detox?

Internal Body: Most people only think to cleanse their liver however they are only doing 50% of the necessary work to detox. A true internal detox involves, the Liver, Kidney, Colon, Gut, Lungs & Brain. The liver is one of the body’s most important organs. That’s because it deals with all aspects of digestion and body metabolism. It releases or triggers certain bodily hormones. The liver is responsible for producing the clotting factors that help the blood clot when you get a cut or wound. It single-handedly breaks down the toxins that make it into our bodies so they can be excreted by the kidneys.

I recommend no alcohol, instant meals such as Cup of Noodles, Junk Food, or fast food while detoxing. Select 2-3 of these natural remedies to implement into your detox routine for 1 month. The next month use another 2-3. Repeat for 3 consecutive months.

  • Dandelion Root Tea - The root is the part that helps cleanse the liver. Compounds in the root cause an increase in bile production. The increase in bile helps to improve digestion. The increased bile production also helps the liver to digest foods and remove toxins quickly and efficiently cleaning the liver. Dandelion root is available as a tincture, powdered extract, and tea. If you want to do a deep liver cleanse, tea is the best option. Drink this tea 3-4 times a day, A detox like this can be done anywhere from 3 - 10 days, with the average being 7.

  • Burdock Root Tea - The root is one of the best herbs to purify the blood and cleanse the lymphatic system. This root contains inulin, which is a prebiotic fiber that aids digestion and improves Gut Health. Burdock root dispels toxins from the river, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial.

  • Liquid Chlorophyll- Chlorophyll supplements are actually chlorophyllin, which contains copper instead of magnesium. Liquid Chlorophyll stimulates the immune system, eliminated fungus from the body, detoxifies the blood, cleans your intestines, gets rid of bad odors, all while energizing the body. Liquid Chlorophyll does an excellent job at improving the quality of red blood cells. The main role of red blood cells is to carry oxygen around your body and to transport carbon dioxide to the lungs, from where it can be exhaled. Low red blood cells cause someone to always feel weak, fatigued, and tired because the blood is carrying less oxygen to the body. When this happens a person is considered anemic. Liquid chlorophyll supplements are usually measured with a dropper taken orally, either undiluted or mixed in another liquid such as water, juice, or a smoothie. You can drink this 1-2x a week.

  • Ginger Root Tea - Ginger root also is a great detoxifier and alkalines the body because of its ability to stimulate digestion, circulation, and sweating. Ginger root also removes mucus from the body. Ginger tea can be drunk once a week in the morning or at night.

  • Kefir Probiotic Water- Kefir contains a host of beneficial probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you, especially your digestive system. We usually think of these as germs that cause diseases however both our body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called "good" or "helpful" bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy. Kefir is also good for our microbiota. Microbiota is called the "second brain" because its plays an important role in digestion, weight management, blood regulation, and the immune system. To make water kefir, you mix water and sugar with water kefir grains. The microorganisms in the grains transform the sugar water into a fizzy, tangy drink.

  • Tumeric and Neem - Taken on an empty stomach in the morning over the course of 4-8 weeks will remove stomach infections and control excess bacterial activity that depletes energy levels.

External Body: Your detox doesn't stop at the inside, it continues to your external body as well!

  • Armpit Detox: Using Benoite clay and Apple cider vinegar you can create a mask detox for your armpit. Antiperspirant deodorants clog sweat glands to decrease sweating which in the long term is harmful because sweat can carry toxins like heavy metals out of the body. Bentonite clay has negatively charged molecules. Most toxins and heavy metals have positively charged molecules. When you mix the clay with apple cider vinegar the clay produces an ionic pull that removes toxins -- such as heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals -- from your skin. Sodium bentonite clay is a strong electrical conductor, which means it can attract a lot of those toxins.

Rejuvenation: A full-Body soak is a wonderful way to reduce chronic pain by relieving tension and stress in the muscles and joints.

Rest your body through salt soaks. One of the best sellers for women at my Spiritual Shop is my Yemoja Herbal Spiritual Bath. It helps your release emotions and energies that no longer serve you and allow you to sleep more peacefully. You can use the bathtub or bucket up to 3 times within a month for best results.

Our bath contains, herbs such as Hyssop for peace and purification and Balm of Gilead to let go of the past, and my favorite Ocean Sea Salt, Anil, Ocean Water of Yemoja, and Epsom Salt. In your bath, you can close your eyes and meditate. Meditation doesn't only have to be in your room sitting with cross legs, water is spirit and a great place to go within. I strongly suggest shower or bath meditations.

While you detox physically and spiritually don't forget to detox mentally. This is a perfect time to let go of people, situations, and experiences that dont serve you. There's a quote and affirmation that I will leave you with to help you cut ties that don't belong to you:

Affirmation: I (Say your full name) am fully committed to investing my time and energy into places and people that value them.

Quote: When people return to your life after doing you wrong, thier growth doesn't entitle them to second chances, wish them the best and move on you dont have to indulge in thier energy. Protect your energy.

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. The information provided in this blog should not be substituted for the advice of a qualified and licensed health care provider. The information provided here is for informational purposes only. People with certain conditions or on certain medications need to check with their doctor before starting this cleanse. Although I attempt to provide accurate and up-to-date information, no guarantee is made to that effect.


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