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A Powerful Goddess Ritual from Your Favorite Kitchen Witch

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Use this ritual all throughout February or anytime you want to bask in your Divine Feminine Energy!

February holds the vibration of the number 2 and energetically is a month of nurturing, intuition, femininity, harmony, balance, and love. Number 2 is associated with the Moon. In the month of February, most of us celebrate Valentine's Day and indulge in experiences that heighten our senses. Here's my personal favorite self-love ritual that you can use whether you are single, married, or looking for a man or woman. After you complete this self-love ritual you will enhance the passion you have for yourself and activate your root chakra. A healthy root chakra sustains physical and mental health and allows us to feel secure and safe during our journey through life. This ritual can be performed any day of the week, however, Friday is the best. The best lunar time is during the Waxing Moon.


How you learn to love yourself is how others will learn to love you.


  • A Pink Candle

  • 1 Clean Mirror (Square Preferably) - Reflects inner truths and is a window into the soul.

  • Dried Rose Pedals - Venus Energy, Passion, Love, Beauty

  • Black Cohosh - Helps foster determination, courage, and faith in self when carried.

  • Cinnamon: Sun Energy, Love, Spirituality, Luck, Sensuality

  • Orris Root: Love Drawing

  • Orange Peels: Happiness, Prosperity, Success, Joy

  • Honey (Cruelty-Free if possible)

  • 1 Charcoal Disc

  • Epsom Salt

  • Parchment Paper or small piece of paper bag

  • #2 Pencil

If you can't find these herbs above try out our Divine Goddess Herbal Incense Powder or Enchantress Herbal Incense Powder

Preparation: 5 min

  1. Using a spoon, pour a tablespoon of Honey and swallow--this will sweeten your words attracting what you will later speak. Add a small amount of your Roses, Black Cohosh, Cinnamon, Orris Root, and Orange Peels to a bowl and crush until fine. This blended mix will be for dressing your candle and incense powder. The unblinded mixture will be for your Ritual Bath.

  2. Using your finger, add some honey to the top of your candle. Sprinkle herbs on top of your candle and let the candle sit. On your parchment paper write your birth name 3x and your birth date in numerical value (ex: 2/12/91.

  3. Place it on a safe surface, in a fire-safe bowl with a little water. Place parchment paper under bowl

  4. Light your candle & sit in front of the candle, gazing into the flame, holding it with both hands, and speak life into your candle by saying.

"I am Love"

" I am Power"

" I am Rooted"

" I am Divine"

" I am Enough"

" I am Rare"

" I am Healing"

" I am Transforming"

" I am Passion"

5. Take your extra herbs and add it to a warm bath with some Epsom Salts. If you don't have these herbs you can use our Divine Goddess Herbal Spiritual Bath. Soak for 15 min repeating the same 9 Affirmations.

6. After your bath, put on light-colored clothing, burn your incense over a charcoal disk letting the smoke touch your body.

7. Play these sounds while you gaze in the mirror. Don't be Shy... it's only you. Dance and let the rhythm of the music move you. Move your waist, loosen your arms, relax your mouth and just dance.

8. Repeat your affirmations while gently placing your hand over your womb looking in the mirror.

9. Repeat this Goddess Ritual anytime you feel unconfident, sad, and disconnected from your feminity.


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Spirititist, Healer, Kitchen Witch & Child of Olokun: Shontel Anestasia

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