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Are You Taking Spiritual Baths Regularly?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

This is why even the most powerful Practitioners & Psychics take Spiritual Baths weekly...

What Are Spiritual Baths?

Many cultures have used Spiritual Baths for cleansing the soul, healing the mind, body, and spirit, removing negativity, and elevating consciousness. A Spiritual Bath may be portrayed in the Western World as a warm, relaxing tub of water, candles, wine, and flowers, but this perspective is romanticized. In Lukumi, our Spiritual Baths can get messy, and you leave the tub covered in coconut flakes and some herbs. Those of you who have bought a Herbal Spiritual Bath from my shop know that these "messy" baths bring results and aren't just aesthetically pleasing.

Here's The Science Behind It

Humans emit a very low level of electricity called an electromagnetic field. Your physical body is surrounded by several layers of energy that affect your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Each living thing, including flowers, animals, and trees, has an energy field called Auras.

Here's The Spirituality Behind It:

Misfortune occurs when there's an imbalance between us and the spirit world. Anxiety, irritability, lethargy, and pessimism may occur when your aura is weak or stressed. In some cases, you may even suffer from a weak immune system, making it more likely that you will fall ill. Your aura is heavily affected by your environment and daily interactions with others. In addition to absorbing other people's negative emotions and unwarranted Evil Eye, it's common for your auric field to weaken due to cluttered psychic debris. Taking a Spiritual Bath is one of the best ways to cleanse and strengthen your aura. Also, spiritual baths can manifest specific conditions, such as love, increasing psychic abilities, and finding a better job.

Who Needs Spiritual Baths The Most

Highly Sensitive People, Psychics, Mediums, Spiritual Practitioners, Healers, and Empaths should take Spiritual Baths at least 1x a week. If you are one or more of these types of people listed, you're more prone to collecting and holding onto the energy of others, and it can interfere with your own energy creating heaviness and lack of clarity.

Why Spiritual Baths Made in African Traditional Religions Are So Potent

The Yoruba system of healing is scientific due to the knowledge of the properties of plants. In our Spiritual Baths, we use Either Sweet Herbs or Bitter Herbs, and these names aren't referring to taste but spiritual vibrations. Sweet Herbs are used to attract good luck, love, money, and prosperity, and Bitter herbs dispel evil, crossed conditions, and negative energies. Sweet and Bitter herbs should not be mixed, as they nullify each other's vibrations.

In Lukumi/Santeria, we believe that health problems can occur because of imbalance. In Yoruba tradition, we would use plants and herbs to bring us back into balance, among other things. In addition to serving medicinal purposes, plants are also utilized for Spiritual purposes, specifically for the invocation of Orisha and sacralization.

When we make a bath with herbs associated with a certain Orisha, we are not only acquiring the Ashe (Divine Energy) of the plants but also calling the attention of that Orisha to assist us with our intention. Herbal baths called "Despojo" have the special Ashe of the various Orishas, and the combination of herbs brings about the "chemical reaction" necessary to improve the users' life.

So Should You Try it?

Absolutely! Spiritual Baths can be helpful for anyone. Taking 10-15 minutes out of your day per week to regain balance, stability, and manifest desired outcomes will pay off in 10-fold. Next time you find yourself overwhelmed, stressed, restless, lethargic or depressed, a Spiritual Bath can be something you include in your weekly routine of self-care. In my Spiritual Shop & Apothecary, we have over 12 different types of Spiritual Baths that are immersed with the Ashe to help you achieve your intentions or you can Make Your Own Spiritual Bath with my DIY Recipe.

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Owner: Shontel Anestasia, Omo Olokun, Apetebi, Certified Ayurveda Herbalist

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