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My Energetic Home Herbal Limpia (Cleansing) Recipe

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

A quick and efficient way to clear negative energies from your home after your guest has left

Monday has arrived and all your guests have left your home. Your space is clean and tidy but energetically it doesn't feel right and feels a little “off”. What do you do? If you said burn sage you aren't wrong however what do you do if you don't have the time or you’ve run out of Sage? In the Caribbean and Latin America, we have numerous ways to perform Limpias or cleansings. There are Fire Limpias, Smoke Limpias, Herbal Limpias, and more. Today we are going to talk about my favorite Herbal Limpia using fruits, minerals, and good ol' Spring Water.

What is an Energetic Limpia?

An energetic limpia is a spiritual cleansing ritual that cleanses the mind, body, and spirit while getting rid of blockages in your life, negative energies on your body, raising your vibration, and cleansing your aura.

Why does my Home need an Energetic Limpia? When guests are in our home, our space is accumulating numerous frequencies of energy. Your guests can unintentionally carry negative energy from what's going on in their own lives and bring it to your home. Your guests can give your home unintentional and intentional bad eye or mal de ojo due to you having what they lack.

What do I need for an Energetic Limpia of my home?

How do I prep my ingredients for an Energetic Limpia?

  1. Fill mason jars with spring water

  2. Put a pinch of sea salt in each jar

  3. Place Jar in the highest point of the room

  4. Place 3 Whole limes in a small bowl next to the water. (Always use an Odd number)

  5. Repeat for each room

What does each ingredient do?

Limes are a staple in the Caribbean and Latin households because when placed in a high point in the home they absorb negative energy. When your limes have turned dark brown and/or stars to mold it's a clear sign negative energy was present. I recommend changing limes every 10 days.

Salt also absorbs negative energy and keeps away negative energy. This is why bathing in ocean water is so potent. A spoonful of salt in your mason jar of water goes a long way.

How often do I change the water?

I highly recommend you change the waters at least once per week. Depending on the energy in your home the water can completely evaporate, the water can have a foggy tint or look crystal clear. Either way, change out the water and repeat the process. This energetic home limpia will keep your home light and haveegood energy flowing through. When good energy is flowing through our homes we are able to move through life easier and our home becomes a sacred space. I recommend changing the water on Mondays or Thursdays. Monday's are ruled by the Moon and Thursdays are ruled by Jupiter; these two days are great for home Limpias. Every 3 months, your home should be thoroughly cleansed to compliment this Herbal Limpia. At The Urban Gurvi Mama Shop we have Full Moon & New Moon Home Cleansing Kits to keep your space vibrating high.

Happy Cleansing Goddesses! Shoot me a message on my Etsy if you have any questions.

Luz y progresso,

Shontel Anestasia


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