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How to Interpret Candle Flame Meanings

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

A guide to making you better at Candle Divination/Magick

The three types of candles that I use in my spiritual work for the past 5 years are Religious Novena Candles, Taper Candles, and Figural Candles. Whether you're a new, novice or an experienced home practitioner, anyone can partake in candle magick. The first thing you should know is, practice makes perfect. The more you burn candles the greater your ability will be to read your candle flames correctly, so don't expect to become a candle diviner overnight. While practicing candle magic, we can easily chalk up bad results to physics, a draft in our room, the cat hitting it over, or that the candle was badly made however it doesn't obviate the fact that the candle going out was a bad sign. There are scientific reasons why candles burn the way they do however when it comes to spirituality there's a metaphysical reason why a specific candle will behave in a certain way when performing a ritual, spell, or simply praying.

The types of candle flames have traditional meanings that indicate how successful your ritual was and what influences are around you. Not all candles burn the same colors. Sometimes, the flame can be blue, red, or yellow.

Blue Candle Flames symbolizes the presence of a spirit. This can be an angel, fairy, or other highly evolved spiritual entity.

Red or Yellow Candle Flames are the most common color seen in candle burns and simply mean your candle is burning. However, tt all boils down to the size and movement of the flame that will tell you the strength of the candle ritual.

A tall flame means that your candle is strong enough to push through any obstacles and tall enough to reach the height of intention of your ritual.

A jumping candle flame can mean that there is doubt and weakness in your ritual as long as there is no draft in the air. There may also be resistance against you. As a practitioner, I would recommend putting more willpower and energy behind your intention. If you are directing a spell against someone, their energies are overpowering you. The higher the jumping flame, the more resistance there is.

Two Flames indicates a benevolent spirit assisting candle work in your favor. This spirit can be an Ancestor, Spirit Guide, or Spirit looking to give you a lending hand. This can be rare however it's a beautiful experience. Make sure you thank them afterward.

Hissing, cracking, and popping flame indicates that a spirit is trying to communicate with you and you should listen!

If the candle doesn't burn at all it means you and your home need a cleanse and/or this isn't the right time for your ritual.

A vanishing flame means that your ritual was not successful. I always recommend leaving it and trying the next day upon rising with stronger willpower and intentions.

Exploding candles is a very clear sign to stop what you are doing and look at your surroundings. Someone is directly preventing you from success and blocking your magick. A protective spiritual bath and cleansing of the home are highly recommended.

At The Urban Gurvi Mama Shop, we have long-lasting ritual candles for intentions such as protection, healing, cleansing, self-love, romance, and more. In addition, we have altar supplies to make your spells and rituals more powerful and enjoyable. Coming soon, I will have a full candle interpretation e-book to guide you step by step so that you can become more powerful in candle magick!

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-Shontel Anestasia 🔮


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