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How to Effectively use Cascarilla/Efun/Eggshell Powder

Updated: May 19, 2023

A home should never be without cascarilla and this is why...

Cascarilla is a chalk-like substance that is widely available in the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States. Just like Incense or Florida water, this powder is available to anyone to use. In Nigeria, people use a similar substance called Efun, made of snail shells and clay, which is also used for the same purpose. In Isese, the Nigerian aspect of Ifa, Efun is used in ceremonies, and in Lukumi and Santeria, Cascarilla is used. Cascarilla and Efun are very similar, however, Cascrilla is much softer because it is made from ground eggshell, but both products contain calcium carbonate as their primary ingredient.

Cascarilla is very sacred to the Orisha Obatala. The ruler (Oba) of undyed Cloth (Tala) is the Orisha in the African Diaspora who embodies peace, calm, tranquility, clarity, and purity. Cascarilla brings these same qualities and this is why Cascarilla is so revered in spiritual practices.

Cascarilla is a great smokeless cleanse that can energetically and spiritually cleanse and bless your body, home, and any other spiritual space. If the smell of sage bothers you or other people or you want to be discreet about your cleansing, I highly recommend using Cascarilla. Cascarilla is a classic protection tool that can be used on your spiritual rituals, cleansing, baths, floor washes, and spiritual baths as well. You can use it on your body, objects; your home (doors, windows, bedrooms, and anything that might need some purification and/or protection. Many of my clients use the powder on their foreheads during mediation or before bed for clarity and peace. Lastly, using cascarilla at your ancestral altar is a great way to purify the space for your ancestors.

Cascarilla traditionally comes in cups as shown in the photo below however at The Urban Gurvi Mama Shop we supply them in easy-pour glass vials for easier use and eliminating the need to grind it yourself.

Watch my Youtube video below!

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