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4 Ways To Use Indigo (Anil) for Spiritual Defense, Better Sleep, Purification & Intuition.

Updated: May 19, 2023

Anil is a small product but packs a BIG punch!

Indigo Blue, also known as Anil in Lukumi and the Caribbean/Latin America, has a variety of ritualistic uses. It's common to hear elders say, “Tienes que darte una Limpieza” or “you need a cleansing”. So, today I'd like to share with you a few cleansing rituals they would recommend!

Indigo is the color of the sixth energy center and the third eye chakra, located between your eyebrows on your forehead. The color indigo is one that opens our consciousness, intuition, as well as connects us to the astral plane. It brings us awareness of and connects us to higher realms of existence. In addition to raising psychic energies, the color indigo also grants clairvoyance.

In African Traditional Religions, Espiritismo, and Hoodoo Folk Magic, Indigo blue squares are often used for their powerful properties. However, Anil can be used by anyone, just like Florida Water or Sage! Many initiates, myself included, use Anil when working with the Orishas Yemaya and Olokun. Anil eliminates all unwanted spirits and negative vibrations from the home and raises the spiritual vibrations. The Evil Eye and negative energies on the body and objects can be removed by Anil. Lastly Anil can attract luck to a home & a person. Indigo is a staple in Caribbean and Latin households & can be used in a number of ways.

4 powerful ways to use Anil:

Floor Wash

When you have finished cleaning with disinfectant, add crushed Anil to a bucket of warm water and stir the water in a clockwise motion with your hand to release and dissolve its color. Afterward, you can add Florida Water or peppermint/rosemary essential oil to the bucket of water. Clean your home inward, starting at the front door. Moping in the home with Anil brings peace, tranquility, raises the home's vibrations, and helps resolve family conflicts.

Deep Sleep & Dream Recall:

If you or anyone in your home is unable to sleep well, waking up frequently during the night, or experiencing nightmares, fill an unused glass with water (No Tap Water) and place a spoonful of Powdered Anil into it, stirring to enable the powder to melt and the deep blue indigo color to form. You can place this glass next to your bed or under your bed while you sleep. Change glass of mixture weekly! Your Anil & Water mixture will cleanse your energy field throughout the night, give you a deep sense of calm, clear your subconscious and protect you from malicious entities that may be trying to attach to you in the spiritual and/or physical realm. Once your subconscious is clarified your mixture can help you recall your dreams and use the messages received in your dreams to assist you in the physical world.

Absorb Energy in Spaces

Whether you have a lot of traffic in and out of your home or not, you should always protect your entrances.

For this, you will also get an unused glass and fill it with water (No Tap Water). Place a spoonful of Powdered Anil into your glass and stir enabling the powder to melt and the deep blue indigo color to form. Place the glass in the corner of any room of your house and front door to absorb negative energy, purify and cleanse any space. This mixture will eliminate and banish any negative energies that may have taken residence in your home and promote peace and tranquility.

Spiritual Bath

After your normal showers, 3 days in a row, I would add two spoon fulls of powdered Anil to a warm bath and cleanse your entire body. This will wash away any psychic debris, Evil Eye, and jinxes placed upon you. You will also raise your vibration and consciousness so you can be more spiritually attuned to the frequency of the spiritual realm. Lastly, bathing with Anil will help with anxiety, depression, and brain fog giving you clarity and further opening your third eye. I have a detailed DIY Spiritual Bath Recipe available for download in my Spiritual Shop.

Anil traditionally comes in small squares as shown above however at The Urban Gurvi Mama Shop we supply them in easy-pour 30ML Apothecary Corked Vial for easier use and eliminating the need to grind it yourself.

With this powder, a little bit can go a long way due to its potency. Happy Cleansing!

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Owner: Shontel Anestasia, Apetebi & Bruja


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