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🌚Do's & Don'ts During Lunar Eclipses🌚

Updated: May 19, 2023

Shontel Anestasia is a student of Jyotish (Indian Astrology), Ayurveda Practioner and Lukumi Initiate (Omo Olokun). She is of both a West Indian (Guyanese) & South Indian heritage.

Earth blocking the Sun's light to the moon

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

Chandra Grahan, or lunar eclipse, occurs when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, casting a shadow on the lunar face. The Earth is blocking the sun’s light from the moon, and the moon passes into the earth’s shadow.

What does a Lunar Eclipse signify in astrology?

Lunar Eclipses & Solar Eclipses usually occur between 2 weeks of each other, working in harmony together. The Solar eclipse initiates fated beginnings while the lunar eclipse facilitates Karmic endings. When we reincarnated on earth, we all have a soul purpose to fulfill. Eclipses are like oil changes that keep us moving in the right direction; we may stop and pick people up on the way; however, not everyone is meant to follow us all the way.

Lunar Eclipses unearth what has been hidden and bring epic endings that can be sparked by an event. Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons also mean completion, so your life can upgrade because you aced a karmic test. Around this time, your intuition can be at an all-time high, so I recommend dream journaling. Your dreams, channeling, and/or downloads can. reveal something very life-changing to you that triggers a profound personal transformation. Eclipse energy can last for 6 months & in hindsight, you always find that what happens at the time of an eclipse works out for the best. Sometimes you just need to allow things to play out. The next 6 months can be a very magical time, and blessings may be waiting for you if you live & navigate the next 6 months righteously and learn from the lessons.

Don't believe the Hype!

The lunar eclipse is a potent moment for inner reflection, deep contemplation, and spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, mantras, and japa. It’s an ideal time to tune in to spiritual vibrations and avoid getting caught up in materialistic pursuits.

Hindu Mythology

According to Hindu scriptures, Ved Vyas, a lunar eclipse, is when the demon god — Rahu — holds the Sun and the Moon by the mouth. And since he’s a ‘demon’ god, the celestial event emits a lot of negative energy. Because of this, eclipses can be a terrible time to start making big decisions about projects, relationships, jobs, or any other profound things in the material world. Auspicious new beginnings are blessed with the light of a healthy, full Moon and the daytime sun, not during a Lunar Eclipse.

Here are a few guidelines on what to avoid and what to embrace during a Lunar Eclipse


  1. Do not commit to a new project 10 days after a Lunar Eclipse. The ancient Seers considered eclipses to be a negative omen for beginning new projects on the material level. Rahu can cause a lot of illusions.

  2. Do not, on the day of an eclipse or a few days surrounding it, start any crucial new project, sign a contract, make a deal, or any other material activity if you have another option. Similar to Mercury RX, you're probably not being shown all the details about the situation, or you may not be thinking clearly.

  3. Do not indulge in alcohol or substances that allow you to lose consciousness. Drink in moderation or not at all. Emotions can be at an all-time high with the lunar energy.

  4. Caution when traveling, driving, and on electric vehicles. People are prone to accidents, serious car troubles, and significant delays during this time.

  5. Do not eat heavy meals or takeout that have been cooked before eclipse time. Per Ayurveda, during Lunar Eclipses, there is a sudden loss of sunlight, and the pitta in the body goes down, resulting in a sudden drop of metabolism, leading to incomplete digestion of consumed food. Since the absence of the sun also gives rise to microbes, avoid consuming food prepared before the eclipse because food poisoning or other illnesses can manifest.

  6. Avoid taking showers and sexual activities during the eclipse.


Eclipses are a great time to stay in, meditate and do your inner work. This is a specially rich opportunity to connect to your Egun/Spiritual Court because the "veils" connecting the spiritual and material worlds are thin.

  1. Work on releasing what is not serving you, it can be a person, a job, a home, a financial burden etc.

  2. You can listen to my Morning and Night guided Meditations, Positive Affirmations, and Healing Music for Yemaya.

  3. Do spend time at your ancestor altars and Bovedas. You can burn your Egun Candle if you have it.

  4. Give your house a spiritual cleansing with Floorwash and burn healing incense powders.

  5. Donate anonymously to charitable causes. I personally recommend using GoFundMe

  6. Journal about any emotions or past experiences and partake in Shadow Work.

  7. Take a shower before and after the Eclipse - If this isn't possible, sprinkle water on your head or place some Cascarilla on your forehead to cool your energy off. You can use our Obatala 3-Day Bano. You can also make a homemade bath using my recipe.

  8. Drink plenty of room-temperature water or Coconut Water.

  9. Strengthen your Rahu and Ketu placement in your Birthchart

Happy Solar Eclipse, Goddesses!

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