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Introduction: The Eminence of the Divine Feminine

Updated: May 19, 2023

In this world, we have the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and it’s within us all. Society says that femininity is a weakness; however, this is only because we have formed a disconnect from the softer parts of ourselves and have been conditioned to our masculine energy. Our connection to goddess consciousness gets worn down by the grind of daily life, our childhoods, our secrets, and our traumas. When we as women are in touch with our bodies, emotions, and mother earth, we walk into the Divine Feminine. When you tap into your Divine feminine energy, you wake up to the core of who you are. Spirituality isn’t only love and light; it's shadow and darkness.

When there are problems or crises in our lives, we can track the issue back to a lack of wisdom. If we do not gain wisdom from our pasts and from the events that have shaped us, we cannot be honest with ourselves. We can only grow from our mistakes if we are truthful about them. The Divine Feminine is a state of awareness larger than the physical; She's a route to your higher self and healing your soul. When you do build a relationship with your Goddess energy, make sure you maintain it, nurture it, let her grow, and have time in the Sun. I wrote my first book, sharing my story of how I tapped into the Goddess Consciousness and how the entire universe conspired to help me find myself and my purpose. I share the wisdom I gained in each experience with you in hopes that you take these seeds from each chapter and water your own growth.

'Watering Her Growth' on Amazon Late Summer 2023


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