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How to Honor Your Ancestors on the New Moons

Updated: May 19, 2023

A simple guide to help connect to your ancestors every New Moon cycle

It doesn't matter if you're Indian, Latinx, Caribbean, African American, or European; we all have ancestors. Ancestor Veneration is based on love and respect for the deceased in our family lineage. Cambodia, China, India, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, Africa, Korea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, and even the Ireland & Scotland all have some form of a Festival, Celebration, and or Ritual that cultivates kinship values and ensures the ancestors' continues well-being and positive disposition towards the living.

New Moons begin the lunation cycle, which is when the sun and moon come together in the sky. Each New Moon is a powerful time to honor, connect and "feed" our ancestors.

Ancestors are family members who have crossed over way before we were born. Always remember that an ancestor is someone who passed 100+ years ago; it would never be a grandparent or parent who recently passed. You may or may not know the names of your ancestors however that's completely fine. The point of honoring your ancestors is honoring their humanness and the part they played in our incarnation on Earth. We forgive them for any wrongdoings and thank them for the good they passed down. This honoring helps heal group Karma surrounding you and up to 6 generations back into the history of your family.

Simple Steps to Honor Your Ancestors During the New Moon

  1. If you don't have an Ancestor Altar establish a physical space in your home or on your property to honor them. I have a 1-1 Ancestor Veneration class for an in-depth understanding of how to set up your Ancestor Altar properly, pray, spiritual hygiene of your altar, make food offerings, protection & more!

  2. Get a fresh glass that has never been drunk from and fill it with water.

  3. Get Rose of Jericho Plant or White Flowers (No thorns)

  4. Make a homemade food offering and place it on a Jicara/Calabash or white plate.

  5. Sit down in front of your Glass of Water, White Candle, Flowers/Plant, and Food Offering.

  6. Gently ring an Altar Bell and pause for a moment in silence

  7. Resite this Prayer:

We praise you, pure spirits of the Lord. I, a humble and dragged creature, elevate to all of you, my thought and my heart, to supplicate you to. Guide me through the path of truth and illuminate me always in the Divine precepts so that I should not be found in fault and to give me the dignity to reach the beatitude. I invoke your assistance in these sacred moments so that you will fortify my tribulated incarnated spirit with your Divine Fluids and that I should see and comprehend with more clearness the mights and love of our lord towards us. Amen.

- Verse from Collection of Selected Prayers by Allan Kardec

(Used in Spiritism & Misas to Elevate Spirits)

9. Pause for a moment and meditate upon the glass of water and flame. Give gratitude to those that have come before you and made your life possible. Give them your prayers of light and progress so that they may elevate in the spiritual realm. When you are guided to move from your table, do so.

You can do this ritual on the day of the New Moon ONLY or consistently for 9 days after the New Moon.

For even better results, at The Urban Gurvi Mama Shop, we have Spiritual Baths & Prepared Candles curated specifically for Ancestor Veneration that raises your Spiritual vibration and the vibration around you for better Ancestor communication.

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Owner: Shontel Anestasia, Omo Olokun, Apetebi, Certified Ayurveda Herbalist BS

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