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Are You Cleansing Your Home Correctly?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

A Complete Guide to 'Smoking Out' your personal spaces

What is Smoking Out/Burning Out?

Smoking out is the practice of spiritually cleansing with smoke from sacred herbs. You can smoke out a space such as home, office & car, Usually, a bundle of herbs, powders and resin burned as incense to remove and strip energy in the home is also called a 'smoke out'.

Why should I Smoke out/Burn Out?

'Smoking out' is done to remove bad energy and bring in positive energy. 'Smoking out' has long-lasting spiritual and mental benefits. Empaths, psychics, intuitives, and practitioners can feel when space doesn't "feel" right. This strange energy can come from visitors to your home who have left evil eye or bad energy, an argument that occurred in the space, past bad energy still lingering, objects with negative energy brought into the home and/or dust, clutter, and garbage creating stagnant energy. 'Smoking out' uses the metaphysical qualities of aromatic plants, along with the smudger's prayers and intentions, to improve the psychic environment. 'Smoking out' can be done by anyone regardless of your spiritual beliefs and/or faith.

It is the act of will and intention combined with the properties of the sacred plants/herbs that sets positive intentions for your home, workstation, items, and vehicle. Many spiritual and religious paths attest to the power of cleansing a space on a regular basis.

Benefits of Smoking out/Burning Out

  • Raised Spiritual Vibrations

  • Removed bad eye/negative energy

  • Allows blessings, peace, and clarity to flow through the home

  • Allows better sleep

  • Can alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety

  • Fewer arguments and problems in the home

Smoking Herbs Available in my Apothecary

  • Dragons Blood Sage - Dragon’s blood resonates with the element of fire and brings a wonderful sense of grounding and protection. Dragon’s blood is a powerhouse against negativity and will amplify your spiritual work. It enhances tenacity, heals, protects, and is excellent for clearing energies. Dragon’s blood is one of my all-time favorites!

  • Frankincense - Purifies Rooms, removes negative energies, improve spiritual connection, attracts abundance

  • Myrrh - Great for hexes and protection against spiritual attracts

  • "Smoke Out" Incense Blend - COMING SOON!

How do I smoke out/burn out my home?

  1. Make sure broken glass/items, clutter, dirty dishes, and dust are not in the home. Open all windows, doors, cabinets, toilet bowls, cupboards, and dressers.

  2. Light your incense on a charcole disk in a fire-safe dish such as an Abalone Shell . You'll want it to create as much smoke and a little flame as possible. Once the smoke begins, you'll need to cleanse yourself first.

  3. Carefully cleanse the top of your head and work your way to the soles of your feet. Make sure to either say your favorite Psalm for protection or state your intentions.

  4. Work from the farthest corner of your home to the front door asking what doesn't serve you and the dwellers of the home's highest good. Walk into corners, you can use a feather to guide the smoke into specific areas like draws. Pay close attention to unused areas of your home as they collect stale energy.

  5. Take as much time as you need to cleanse your home and let your intuition guide you.

  6. When you are done you can leave the pot burning on the east side of the home until smoke stops.

  7. You will want to smoke in with resin such as Copal, Sweet Grass, Frankincense/Myrhh blend, High John Incense Powder or our "Smoke In" Incense Blend.

  8. Lastly, protecting your doors and windows from negative spirits and people is a must. I highly recommend using Fiery Wall of Protection Powder.

How often should I smoke out/burn out your home?

I believe just as you wash your tub and clean your sink when there's a build-up of dirt, you need also to cleanse your home the same way. As energies pass through your home, stale energy can build up. You should cleanse your home at least once per month.

When moving into a new space, you want to clear the energy from past owners and events that occurred in the home as well as any lingering energies. I suggest my New Home Ritual Kit for new apartments/homes. Smudging a new home also resets the home's energy and makes it ready for a fresh start.

Just like you wouldn't wear used clothes without washing them don't let negative energy build up in your home. Your home should be a sacred space for you, your loved ones. The more good energy is able to flow through your home, the more prosperity and blessings can knock at your door.

Happy Cleansing!

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