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Shontel Anestasia

Spiritist. Healer. Entrepreneur. Visual Artist. Athlete

About Me.

"I am a paradox, a constellation of contradictions plucked from Outerspace. I'm simple as quantum physics."

- Shontel Anestasia 

Shontel Anestasia is a native New Yorker turned California resident. She is a multifaceted 31 year old Caribbean Spiritual Author, Photographer, Filmmaker & Professional Longboarder. She's an initiate in Lukumi, a Child of Olokun, a Kitchen Witch, Clairvoyant-Medium & a training Espiritista in Espiritismo. Shontel is also a student of Vedic sister sciences Vastu Shastra, Jyotish, and a certified Ayurveda practitioner.

Shontel Anestasia is our modern-day Medicine Woman and Spiritual Teacher. She is a Womb Healer with a specialty in Cleansing & Purification. Shontel was raised by her Guyanese immigrant grandmother, Joyce, who paved the way for her to be a spiritual practitioner today. Embracing the modalities of her Caribbean, Indian, and African Lineage she's changing the landscape of how women heal their body, mind, and spirit with a holistic approach to synthesizing African Spirituality and the Vedic Sciences.


With her spiritual teachings and herbal remedies, since 2016, Shontel has devoted her life to helping thousands of women through The Urban Gurvi Mama Shop, an eco-friendly and international Afro-Caribbean Spiritual Shop & Apothecary for women based in Los Angeles. Under the guidance of her Padrino, Joseph Baba Ifa, Madrina Erica Poreyé, and Egun, she strives to create a safe and healing space for women, whatever stage they're on in their Spiritual Journey. 


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Handcrafted Spiritual
Bath, Body & Home Products,
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& Candle Services.


An Afro-Caribbean Spiritual Shop & Apothecary for Women

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My First Book!


The Flourishment of Your Divine Feminine.

Watering Her Growth is a captivating Spiritual Narrative Nonfiction that's an awakening diary for the Divine Feminine to take on their journey of self-discovery and healing. Shontel Anestasia believes that when we suppress the darker parts of ourselves and don't address our traumas and shadow selves, we disconnect from our feminine essence. Shadow work is an integral part of spirituality; and without it, there is no real Journey.


Through Anestasia's experiences of overcoming and transmuting out of the most distressing traumas, you will be taken on a passage of self-transformation as you follow her hidden spiritual journey. As a result of her inner work, she becomes in sync with the purpose of her life as a healer and spiritual teacher. Through her vivid storytelling, she teaches women we can weave back to our roots to connect to our feminine & earthly power and heal our mind, body, and spirit as one. In this transformational story, Shontel Anestasia demonstrates how women can connect to both their shadow self & divine goddess shedding inhibitions created by our suppressed and challenging society that forces women to repress themselves. While Shontel walks you through her life, she imprints your mind and plants seeds of wisdom she gained through each life-altering experience. Each chapter guides you into self-examination and demonstrates how you can transmute pain into power and water your own growth. She encourages readers to take the journey with her, challenging them to look within and uncover their spiritual power to unleash the sacred feminine within.

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Publishing June 2023 by Waterside Productions

My Photography

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Book Trailer by Shontel Anestasia || Divine Feminine || Healing Trauma

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