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About Me.

"I am a paradox; a constellation of contradictions plucked from Outerspace. I'm simple as quantum physics"

- Shontel Anestasia 

Shontel Anestasia is a multifaceted 30-year-old Longboarder, Photographer, upcoming Spiritual Author, Kitchen Witch, and an Apetebi in the Indigenous Afro-Cuban religion, Lukumi. She's our modern-day medicine woman and what they call a bruja de nacimiento, meaning a natural-born witch. Shontel was raised by her Guyanese immigrant grandmother who paved the way for her to be a spiritual practitioner today.


Through her spiritual teachings and herbal remedies, Shontel has devoted her life to helping women heal within and reconnect to the Divine Feminine, dive into shadow work and self-discovery. She is the curator of the New York-based Eco-Friendly Afro-Caribbean Spiritual Shop & Apothecary, The Urban Gurvi Mama Shop, where she joins science and spirituality with a fusion of African traditions, Ayurveda Medicine, and Astrology. Using her certifications in Ayurvedic medicine, guidance from her Padrino in Lukumi, and spiritual gifts she hopes to create a safe space for women whatever stage they're on in their spiritual journey. 

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Publishing Spring 2022 by Waterside Productions

My First Book!


The Flourishment of Your Divine Feminine.

Watering her Growth is spellbinding narrative nonfiction written to lead women into self-discovery and healing. Shontel believes that when we suppress the darker parts of ourselves and don't address our traumas we disconnect from our feminine essence. Spirituality without Shadow Work isn’t Spirituality. Watering Her Growth takes you down a hidden spirituality journey as the author overcomes and transforms out of the most distressing traumas and into harmony with her life's purpose. Through vivid storytelling, She teaches women how to weave back to their roots so that they can connect to the Divine Feminine and heal their mind, body, and spirit as one. While Shontel walks you through her life, she imprints your mind and plants seeds of wisdom she gained through each experience. Each chapter guides you into self-examination and by example she exhibs how you too can take your sacred feminine power back to water your own growth.



An Eco-Friendly Afro-Caribbean Spiritual Shop & Apothecary For Women

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